• Sept, 04th 2019
  • Lekshmi
Student Visa

Five Essential Items you will Need to Study in Canada as an International Student

Studying abroad is an interesting phase that you can explore a new nation, making new friends, appreciate diverse culture, exotic food and more, certainly, the best part of studying abroad, one that will have a profound impact on your career and personal life later on. Canada is now a major destination for global learners in past few years, with an rise of 119 per cent in foreign student enrollment since 2010. If you've been planning on taking your studies abroad, here are five key points you'll need to study in Canada.

1) Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Educational Institution

The first phase to study in Canada is the letter of approval from the Designated Educational institution (DLI). A DLI is a college, authorized by the provincial government of Canada to host international students. All primary and secondary schools in Canada are designated academic institutions, but that is not the case for all post-secondary schools. If you are interested in learning at a Canadian university, college, vocational school or CEGEP, make sure that you will be first on the list.! The letter of acceptance shall act as proof of approval required in the application form for a study license.

2) Study Permit

A study permit provides official permission for a person to study at a assigned educational institution in Canada for more than six months. There are two forms of study specifications-permit holders will have to conform throughout the process: eligibility requirements and criteria that must be got to know while in Canada.. Candidates must submit an approval letter, proof of adequate funding and the required supporting paperwork, which varies from country to country, in order to qualify for a study license. In accordance with the registration requirements, foreign students must always be enrolled in a designated learning institution, must comply with the terms set out in their study permit, and must leave Canada when they have been enrolled at a designated learning institution, they must conform with the conditions set out in their study permit and leave Canada when their lease expires. Make sure you start the study visa application method well in advance of when you would like to start researching! Many Canadian schools offer different application deadlines for foreign students, so be sure to prepare in advance and account for multiple input times, depending on the country you apply from.

3) Proof of Identity

You, and any family members accompanying you, must have a valid piece of government-issued identification. This proof of identity must enable you to return to the country that issued it. The passport used as proof of identity shall not expire within six months of travel

4) Proof of Funds

In order to obtain a Canadian research license, candidates must demonstrate that they have adequate resources to sustain themselves and any associated family members while in the nation. Sufficient funds must cover the cost of education plus living expenses for the first year of research. Note that the requirements for proof of funding are slightly different for the province of Quebec than for the rest of Canada.

5) Health Coverage

Free, universal healthcare is available to all Canadians and is managed by the provincial governments of the country. The provincial health care system includes fundamental and preventive medical facilities as well as emergency medical care. All global learners will need health insurance while studying in Canada. Certain provinces cover global learners under their provincial health plans, In others, students must arrange for private health insurance coverage. Many Canadian universities offer insurance plans through the school, the cost of which is added to the school fees. For a comprehensive list of health services for each student in Canadian province If you're interested in learning in Canada, now is the best time to apply! Educational experience in Canada brings you in an outstanding situation to qualify for the Express Entry Canadian Experience Class, leading to permanent resident status in Canada..

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