Trump Administration Introduces New Regulation of Limiting Number of Green Cards and Visas Issued: Set for October 2019

On August 12, 2019, the Trump administration published information of a new regulation that would make it easier for the US government to dismiss green card and visa requests and restrict the amount of immigrants arriving and staying in the United States. The rule will apply to immigrants applying for a temporary visa or an American Green Card who are presently or have used public help.


Can you immigrate to Canada with your family ?

Yes, many Canadian immigration programs are allowing you to immigrate to Canada with your family. Canada also has a powerful dedication to family reunification, so you can also apply to sponsor your wife, kids, relatives and grandparents if you are already in Canada!

Student Visa

Five Essential Items you will Need to Study in Canada as an International Student

Studying abroad is an interesting phase that you can explore a new nation, making new friends, appreciate diverse culture, exotic food and more, certainly, the best part of studying abroad, one that will have a profound impact on your career and personal life later on. Canada is now a major destination for global learners in past few years, with an rise of 119 per cent in foreign student enrollment since 2010. If you've been planning on taking your studies abroad, here are five key points you'll need to study in Canada.