Canada has been one of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world in terms of quality of life, education, income, health care, and a relatively safe and clean environment, making it the ideal place to live and work. The flexible immigration process offered by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) makes it desirable and easy to get a Canadian PR visa.

Canada Immigration

Canada welcomes thousands of new residents every year. Coming to Canada as an immigrant is an exciting opportunity, but also a major challenge. Canada is providing many new opportunities for immigrants. Keeping track of these opportunities often depends on finding a job, which can be a challenge.

Major barriers faced by new immigrants

Nonrecognition of international qualifications and work experience.

Lack of Canadian work experience

Inability to communicate in English or French

Insufficient information on the job market before immigrating to Canada


Immigrate to Canada

Phoenix Consultants in Dubai specialises in helping applicants secure a Canadian visa to enable them to obtain jobs in Canada, study in the country, become a permanent resident or become an investor. Our agency in Dubai offers a streamlined and cost-effective service to help you migrate to Canada from Dubai in the easiest and most expedient way possible.

Why Move to CANADA

Low Population - 2nd Largest Country with Steady Employment rate of around 92%. Multicultural Society.

Best economy in the world.

Best social benefits which includes free education up to 12th grade and subsidised higher education, Free Medicals and many more.

Canadian Passport is the 2nd best passport in the world which enables Visa Free Travel to 173 countries.

How to Apply Canada PR Visa

Educational Credential Assessment

Varify your creditionals to meet Canadian educational standards


Check you meet the Canada Permanent Resident eligibility requirements and calculate your points

Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

If you have highest CRS score in the express entry pool you'll be selected from the EOI pool and may be sent an ITA.

Submit a Resident Application

Post receiving ITA you have 60 days to provide all documentary evidence with relevant Canada PR visa fee & information

Skilled Worker Visa

Express Entry is the new selection system launched by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for Canadian immigration, designed to select skilled workers for immigration to Canada. This electronic process chooses skilled immigrants (who qualify under Federal Skilled Worker Program/ Canadian Experience Class/ Federal Skilled Trades Program or a portion of Provincial Nominee Program) as permanent residents on the basis of their ability to settle in Canada and ability to contribute in Canadian economy. Under Express Entry, chosen candidates are offered the Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residency by the authorities.


Once your visa has been approved:

You and your family are able to live and work in Canada permanently.

You can study in Canada.

You can receive subsidized health care benefits through Medicare.

You can sponsor other family members for permanent residency.

You can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Qualifying Criteria

The candidate has to be eligible to immigrate under one of the below mentioned Federal Immigration Programs:

The Federal Skilled Worker Program.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program.

The Canadian Experience Class.

What is needed?

The IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System) is part of every Express Entry application. Every case is different when it comes to what you need to score, and as part of our assessment, we will be able to advise you through what is needed.

With the help of our expert team, you will be told which documents you will need to provide in order to complete your application.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program.

The Canadian Experience Class.

Point Based System:

To rank the candidates, points based system is adopted by the CIC. A candidate is ranked a maximum of 1200 points under the Express Entry system.

For Human capital factors like age, education, experience, and language : 460 points

If an applicant has an accompanying spouse or common-law partner : 40 points

Transferable skills : 100 points

If the applicant has a job offer in Canada or have received Nomination Certificate from any of Canadian provinces : 600 points

The process after receiving online application for Express Entry:

Step 1- Candidates create an Express Entry profile

Under this, candidates have to identify their skills and qualifications in an online resume. Based on these factors, the profile is ranked against other applicants indicating whether the candidate would be an asset to the Canadian workforce or not.

Step 2- Registration at Canada Job Bank site

Applicants who do not have a Canadian job offer from an employer have to register themselves at the Canada Job Bank site or other private websites like

Step 3- Profile assessment:

Job banks profiles are assessed to judge candidates who meet the criteria of a Federal Economic Program and then upgraded with other entries in the Express Entry pool.

Step 4- Issuance of Invitation to Apply

Selected applicants are issued an Invitation to Apply, for which, they have to respond and to submit the required documents within 60 days’ time to qualify for permanent residence.

Business Visa Canada

Canada welcoming more migrants who can contribute positively to the Canadian economy by establishing an appropriate business. By understanding the business needs and requirements in the country, each successful candidates can start a new business in Canada.

There are different types of Canada business immigration programs. These are offering for aspiring foreign investors who wish to start a new life in Canada.

Canada Business Immigration Process

Each immigration/investment activity under this program get their own requisites. These requisites are set by the immigration office. The applicant should have to meet some of the common criteria for the initiation of the application. The following are some of the requirements for an applicant to be met before they initiate the application:

Having sufficient amount of capital funds.

Acceptable English language proficiency

Required level of education

May be required to do an exploratory visit to Canada

Canada Study Visa Process

In order to Study in Canada, every student must secure a Canadian Student Visa from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The amount of International students currently residing in Canada is over 30000, which serve as a catalyst for the vast number of Permanent Residency and Work Permit approvals.

To be eligible to apply for a Canada student permit, a student must obtain a standardized written offer letter. This letter is obtained from any of the Higher education provider based in Canada. The higher education provider is listed under Designated Learning institutions (DLI) list accredited by CIC.

Eligibility Criteria to study in Canada:

The applicant must have taken an admission in a recognized school, college, university or other educational institution in Canada.

The applicant must be able to show substantial income/assets to finance the expenses to study, stay in Canada and also to be able to return back to the home country.

The applicant must be in good health and meet the health specified conditions

The applicant should be able to convince the visa authority that we would return back to his home country after the completion of the course.

Documents required to get Student Visa for Canada

The general set of documents required to apply for Student Visa for Canada are:

Duly filled application form for a student visa

Unconditional letter of acceptance from Canadian education institution

Fees receipt (recommended)

Scholarship letter (if applicable)

Loan documents (if applicable)

Any relevant correspondence with the institution

Financial documents

Academic documents

English Proficiency Test IELTS/TOFEL