No, in most cases you don’t need a job offer. But in two cases it might be necessary. First, if you are eligible for either Federal Skilled worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program. And second, if you cannot support your family.

The odds are probably in your favor. Team Phoenix Gate guarantees we would try our best. However, if you are having trouble in adjusting then we can look into the matter.

Through our Professionals. Contact us on the provided number or on our Facebook page.

The Living costs and standards vary from person to person. This is something that the professionals enlighten you about beforehand. And assist you in embracing all the odds.

Lawfully migrated immigrants have healthcare benefits. You need not worry about that.

The taxation policies differ from country to country. Kindly talk to a Phoenix Gate Professional in order to know details of the matter.

In some countries, yes. But normally, they accept your educational credentials as they are. People migrating from Pakistan might have to face such situation.

Yes, definitely. And Phoenix Gate offers assistance in setting up businesses as well.

The major and minor risks in migration are always at the brink. But we put in our maximum effort in not bothering you with those. Above all, the legality is where you get an edge. So, be relieved.

Every country has a different job market where they operate and control the flow of outer influences. Our team operates in more than 50 plus countries. So we make sure our young and dynamic professionals have you covered.

Yes. You would have numerous options and can always reach our team for consultancy.